TEAM Lab’s Second MRC Meeting Held Last Week (Posted on March 21, 2011)

On March 16th, TEAM Lab held its second Materials Review Committee (MRC) Meeting in Los Angeles. Eighteen people were in attendance including MRC members, TECC Staff, CTCP Staff, and TEAM Lab staff. The goal of this meeting was for MRC members to review newly developed tobacco education materials that were submitted to TEAM Lab from CTCP-funded agencies.

TEAM Lab’s Materials Review Committee is composed of representatives of both California Tobacco Control Program-funded programs and non-CTCP-funded programs with expertise in tobacco control. All members have extensive experience in key tobacco control topic areas as well as in materials development and working with diverse populations and communities.

During this round of the materials review process, TEAM Lab was able to clearly list all the review criteria that each material is evaluated on. Additionally, we have updated our website to reflect the materials review process, including any edits and modifications that might occur during the materials review process. For more information regarding the materials review process and guidelines, please visit the “Send us” section of our website—Step 5. What Happens Next: Materials Review Process.

TEAM Lab would like to thank all nine MRC members (list of names below) for their dedicated efforts to the Materials Review Committee and in the fight against tobacco. TEAM Lab appreciates all your hard work!

Current Materials Review Committee Members

Christopher Anderson
UCSD/ California Smoker’s Helpline and Center for Tobacco Cessation

Kimberly Bankston-Lee
Breathe California-Sacramento

DeAnne Blankenship
California Health Collaborative–Chico

Narinder Dhaliwal
California’s Clear Air Project (CCAP)

Patricia Etem (Chair)
CIVIC Communications

Colleen Haydon

Evi Hernandez
California Health Collaborative—Fresno

Marlene Gomez
Smoke-free Air For Everyone (SAFE)

Viki Ornelas
City of Long Beach Dept. of Health and Human Services

TEAM Lab would also like to thank…

  • CTCP staff for the supervision and support


  • TECC for their collaborative efforts, advice, and experience regarding this process


  • TEAM Lab Co-Principal Investigator Dr. Tess Cruz and Dr. Carol Koprowski for the expert advice, support, and attendance at the MRC meeting


  • Lastly, Dr. Lourdes Baeconde-Garbanti—TEAM Lab Director and our fearless leader for her guidance, commitment, and support throughout this process.