What Happens Next: Materials Review Process

TEAM Lab’s contract ended June 2014, therefore no materials are being accepted. The steps below describe the past Materials Review Process conducted by TEAM Lab.

Materials Review Process

The Materials Review Process includes five steps as follows:
  1. Initial Intake - Initially, we will assess the necessary paperwork and documentation. TEAM Lab will check to make sure that all paperwork was completed (i.e. all the correct forms were filled out). Additionally, TEAM Lab staff will determine if the material fills a gap in the field and if the material fits the materials development criteria.
  2. Initial Review - TEAM Lab and TECC Review (Multi-Disciplinary Materials Review Committee MD-MRC) will determine which materials should be reviewed by the MRC based on various criteria such as, the TEAM Lab Needs Assessment, TECC sales history, and materials review criteria (see below). Modification and edits may be made at this point to ensure that the educational material meets the initial review criteria.
  3. Materials Review Committee (MRC) Review - The MRC carefully and painstakingly reviews all materials and their corresponding documentation (e.g. intake forms, field testing results etc. The MRC committee members also draw upon their experience and expertise, which together with supporting documentation guide their recommendations in the review and development process. Recommendations include
    • Not passing. This means that this materials was either not suitable for statewide use; did not meet a need among tobacco education materials or needs far too much work to move on at this time, among other possible reasons.
    • Passing with edits and modifications. This means this material will move onward to the next level of review after TEAM Lab has made the recommended edits and/or modifications.
    • Passing as-is. No changes need to be made to move onward.
  4. CTCP Review - All materials that were recommended to move forward and prepared for statewide distribution by the MRC will then be presented to CTCP. CTCP will decide or make recommendations, based on the needs of the state, recommendations from the MRC, and current field testing results, whether the materials up for review should be included in the TECC Catalog. Recommendations are the same as those described in step 3.
  5. Inclusion in the TECC Catalog - If the material-in-review has passed all reviews, it will be included in the TECC catalog after all edits and modifications have been made.
  6. TECC Catalog Inclusion Criteria All review committees (MD-MRC, MRC, CTCP, etc.) will be considering the following criteria:
    • Does it fill a gap and address a Statewide need?
    • Does it replace a current catalog item?
    • Is the message clear and understandable?
    • Is the material evidence-based?
    • Is it culturally appropriate for the target audience?
    • Is it suitable for the target audiences (i.e. age appropriate, effective literacy/reading level, culturally appropriate)
    • Can it be adapted for statewide use?
      • Strong overall quality
      • Cost effective to revise/adapt
      • Can be easily warehoused or shipped?
    Editing and Modifications to Materials In-Review At any point in the materials review process, the material-in-review may be modified based on the recommendations from field-testing results, the MD-MRC, MRC, and CTCP. The editing and modifications may include one or more of the following changes:
    • Remove local information and project logos
    • Basic editing (correct grammatical errors or language inconsistencies)
    • Heavy editing (lower the literacy level, increase readability and clarity—format and design related)
    • Replace images (due to the lack of photo/image release or the appropriate copyright agreement)
    • Confirm all facts and data
    • Possibly, recreate the educational material in a different format or layout to improve overall quality of the piece
    • Additional field-testing with target audience
      At each major juncture along the review process, TEAM Lab staff will notify projects and agencies with material status if significant changes have been made to their original materials.

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