About Us

About Us

The Tobacco Education and Materials Lab (TEAM Lab) at the University of Southern California was funded by the statewide California Tobacco Control Program (CTCP) from September 2009 to June 2014.

On June 30th 2014, TEAM Lab closed its doors. From 2009 to 2014, we had the pleasure and honor of working with many tobacco control agencies to make educational materials available across the State of California and the Nation. To read about our accomplishments, please visit our blog.

Materials Portfolio

TEAM Lab has created a range of tobacco education materials tailored to reach key target audiences. These materials have been compiled into a TEAM Lab Materials Portfolio that can be downloaded. To explore some of the materials that we can produced, you can download the portfolio here:

TEAM Lab Materials Portfolio

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Healthy Stores For A Healthy Community

    • TEAM Lab created 14 campaign materials to help with the statewide Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community (HSHC) campaign, which have been made available to state-funded tobacco control agencies involved in the campaign to disseminate among their local communities. All of these materials were field tested with diverse populations in California and have been reviewed by tobacco control experts.

These materials include:
– HSHC Outreach Fact Sheet
– HSHC Youth Engagement Tip Sheet
– HSHC Developing Partnerships Tip Sheet
– HSHC General Population Brochure (English)
– HSHC General Population Brochure (Spanish)
– HSHC General Poster (English)
– HSHC General Poster (Spanish)
– HSHC Alcohol Poster (English)
– HSHC Alcohol Poster (Spanish)
– HSHC Nutrition Poster (English)
– HSHC Nutrition Poster (Spanish)
– HSHC Tobacco Poster (English)
– HSHC Tobacco Poster (Spanish)
– Electronic Cigarette Fact Card

You can view these materials through the CTCP Partners Retail Page (https://www.tcspartners.org) and the Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community website (http://healthystoreshealthycommunity.com).

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Our Goals

  • Assisting CTCP-funded programs in the creation of high-quality tobacco education materials tailored to reach key target audiences.
  • Facilitating review of newly developed materials through the Materials Review Committee.
  • Building the overall capacity of CTCP-funded projects to develop population-specific education materials, advocacy campaign materials, and how-to guides and kits.
  • Partnering with CTCP to develop materials for distribution related to specific campaigns or the implementation of new laws.

Our Past Services

  • Providing technical assistance and training on materials development for projects funded by the California Tobacco Control Program (CTCP)
  • Conducting webinars on materials development and a wide range of health literacy topics
  • Conducting webinars on health communications, health literacy, cultural competency issues related to materials development, strategies for message framing and other topics.
  • Convening and managing a statewide Materials Review Committee, which reviews newly developed tobacco education materials from projects throughout California
  • Receiving and processing the intake of materials submitted by CTCP-funded programs as well as third-party vendors

What TECC Does

The Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California (TECC) is another statewide resource funded by CTCP that compliments the services provided by TEAM Lab.

TECC provides the following services:

  • Producing a sales catalog with an extensive product line of more than 560 tobacco education and advocacy materials used by schools, health care agencies and community activists
  • Printing the materials sold in the TECC catalog
  • Selling, warehousing and distributing materials from the TECC catalog
  • Managing a comprehensive library of more than 27,000 resources, as well as providing research and reference assistance (available to CTCP-funded projects only)