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Step 1: Defining Your Goals

Step 2: Identifying Gaps

Step 3:  Knowing Your Audience

Step 4: Getting the Message Across

Step 5: Making your Materials Accessible

Step 6: Using Compelling and Appropriate Images

Step 7: Creating Attractive, Readable Materials

Step 8: Testing Your Material

Step 9: Printing Your Materials

Step 10: Disseminating Your Materials

Resources: Translation Services

Resources: Templates

Resources: Need help finding Low Cost or Free Images?

Resources: Choosing images for print materials (July 2011)

Resources: Serif vs. Sans Serif? What’s the difference for print materials?

Materials Development Tips: Free Novelty Fonts

Material Development Tips: Learning About Your Target Audience

Material Development Tips: Creating your Messages

Materials Development Tips: Tobacco Youth Prevention and Key Information and Tips to Keep in Mind


Case Study