TEAM Lab Webisode Series – Best Practices for Testing Materials

(Presented by: Dr. Tess Boley Cruz)

TEAM Lab has developed a webisode series about pretesting your tobacco control materials. There are five webisodes that are each about 10-20 minutes in length. The best part about webisodes is that you don’t need to watch them all at once or in any specific order, unless you want to. Basically, the viewer is able to pick and choose which part they would like to learn about without having to view them all or in any specific order.

During the webisodes, Dr. Tess Cruz* provides strategies for improving your materials using testing methods. The topics include:
1) Setting up Pretests – an overview of strategies for pre-testing, pilot testing and field testing materials, and ways to involve appropriate test audiences;
2) Readability Testing & Suitability Assessment of Materials – strategies for testing reading level and suitability of materials for your target audience;
3) Focus Groups – how to set up and run a focus group for pretesting materials;
4) Intercept and Individual Interviews – how to set up and run intercept and individual interviews for pretesting materials; and
5) Case Example– what to do with pretest results using a sample tobacco education print item.

We also hosted a live Question & Answer Webinar on pretesting materials on Thursday, November 10th, 2011 from 10:30 am – 11:30 am. You can view the recorded webinar by clicking here. During this webinar, we answered the questions we received by email.


1. Best Practices for Testing Materials – Setting up Pretests [19:05 minutes]

This webisode provides an introduction to the pretesting webisodes and how you should set up a pretest. Dr. Cruz discusses ways to involve the appropriate audience, and provides an overview of strategies for pretesting, pilot testing and field testing.

2. Best Practices for Testing Materials – Readability Testing & Suitability Assessment of Materials [16:02 minutes]

This webisode provides strategies for testing readability of materials, and introduces the review process known as “Suitability Assessment of Materials”. A sample print material is used to show how a readability test is conducted.

3. Best Practices for Testing Materials – Focus Groups
 [22:00 minutes]

This webisode goes over pretesting materials using focus groups. Steps are shown for setting up and running a focus group, with video clips to illustrate different parts of a focus group.

4. Best Practices for Testing Materials – Intercept and Individual Interviews[20:58 minutes]

This webisode goes over pre-testing materials using individual and intercept interviews. We describe the different steps in setting up and conducting individual and intercept interviews, with video clips to illustrate the different methods.

5. Best Practices for Testing Materials – Case Example: Making Use of Pretest Results [10:53 minutes]

This webisode provides a case example of what happened to a tobacco education print item during the pretesting process. A summary is given of pretest results from earlier webisodes, with suggestions about how to revise the material based on the test results. This webisode concludes the pretesting webisode series.


Recorded Webinar
Recording of live Pretesting Questions & Answer Webinar held on 11-10-2011

Materials Review Score Card Tutorial