Resources: Choosing images for print materials (July 2011)

When developing an educational material, the imagery used should be relevant to the topic at hand. Print materials usually incorporate images, pictures, and word art to convey a certain message to the audience. It is important that the imagery that is used draws in the audience and ties into the central theme of the message.

For example, using images associated with tobacco such as cigarettes, smoke and pipes would be appropriate because they are universal items associated with the use of tobacco. However, using images that have little or no connection to tobacco might confuse the reader and detract from the message that is trying to be conveyed.

General tips

  • The imagery used should be impactful yet consistent.
  • The imagery should tell a story.
  • The imagery should draw the reader in.
  • The imagery should be simple.
  • The imagery should be appropriate for the general audience.
  • The imagery should not depict violence or use foul language.

Below are examples of potential images.