Case Study: Sutter County Tobacco Control Program

One of TEAM Lab’s main aims/priorities was to review newly developed materials created by CTCP-funded agencies. We assessed materials in order to expand their reach for statewide use and sold in the TECC Catalog. During the materials review process, we ensured that the materials produced were needed in the field, had strong overall quality, were cost-effective, and were also culturally appropriate. The case studies section of our website highlights materials that have gone through the materials review process.

Sutter County Tobacco Control Program:
For a Breath of Fresh Air

During the Winter 2011 materials review process, Sutter County Tobacco Control Program (SC-TCP) submitted a sandwich board for the general population (image below). It was a two-sided board that could be displayed in outdoor areas and local community events. However, after going through our materials review process, field-testing and numerous revisions, this material is now available as a poster and table tent.

Case Study 1.png

Even though this piece evolved dramatically, it would not have come to be without the creative work done by SC-TCP when they created this piece for their local use. Now, we all can use this for our efforts. Thank you SC-TCP for your contribution to the fight against tobacco!