TEAM Lab All Stars

We understand and appreciate all you have to go through to develop new tobacco education materials. From the planning through the creative development, to the field-testing and refinement, it can be a long and arduous process. At times, it must feel like a thankless process as well. While there is little that can be done to shorten the long and methodical process that is inherent with the development of any new public health materials, there is something we can do about the thankless part.

TEAM Lab would like to take the opportunity to give long-deserved public recognition to agencies that have demonstrated strong strategic thinking, inspired creativity, and a passionate commitment in the development of tobacco educational materials. In our debut newsletter and subsequent issues, we will recognize our “TEAM Lab All-Stars,” featuring organizations that have submitted materials for review and highlighting their work. The newsletters will be distributed electronically statewide to agencies, funders, and leaders in tobacco control as well as have a permanent home on our website.

So, to all the agencies that have submitted materials thus far, please know that your tireless efforts and dedication are wholeheartedly appreciated. To those future “TEAM Lab All-Stars” who will be submitting materials in the months ahead, we can’t wait to see the creative fruits of your labor.

Agencies that have submitted educational materials include:

  • American Lung Association of CA | IMPACT Program
  • American Lung Association of CA | Tobacco-Free Communities
  • Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails | STAND
  • Buck Tobacco Sponsorship
  • California Health Collaborative
  • California Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program
  • Center for Tobacco Policy and Organizing
  • ChangeLab Solutions | Technical Assistance Legal Center
  • Colusa County Health and Human Services
  • Del Norte County DHHS | Tobacco Use Prevention Program
  • Fresno County Economic Opportunities Communities | Rural Tobacco Education Program
  • Glenn County Health Services Agency | Tobacco Education Program
  • Healthier Solutions
  • Kern County Public Health Services Department
  • Lake County DHHS | Lake County Tobacco Education Program
  • Lassen County Public Health Tobacco Use Reduction Program
  • LGBT Partnership
  • Madera County DPH | Madera County Tobacco Control
  • Mariposa County Health Department
  • Orange County Health Care Agency | Tobacco Use Prevention Program
  • People's CORE | Smoke-Free Apartments
  • Project UNIFORM
  • Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center | ACT-UP
  • San Francisco Department of Public Health | Tobacco Free Project
  • San Joaquin County PHS | STOPP
  • San Luis Obispo County Tobacco Control Program
  • Santa Barbara County | COYA
  • Santa Barbara County Public Health Department
  • Shasta County Health and Human Services
  • South Asian Network | CHAI Tobacco Control Program
  • Stanislaus County Health Services Agency
  • Stanislaus County Office of Education | StAAT
  • SUNSET Russian Tobacco Education Project
  • Sutter County Health Department
  • Tehama County Health Services Agency
  • Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California
  • Tri-City Health Center | Just for Us
  • Trinity County Health and Human Services Tobacco Education Program
  • United Indian Health Services | NATIVE Project
  • URSA Institute
  • Vista Community Clinic | Healthy Environments Against Tobacco (HEAT)
  • Youth Against Drugs and Alcohol (YADA)


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