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Who should submit materials?

TEAM Lab’s contract ended June 2014, therefore material submissions are not being accepted. Please contact your CTCP Program Consultant to ask how you should submit your tobacco education materials.

Why should you submit your materials?

  • Submission is a requirement of the scope of work.
  • Your materials will be included in the Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California (TECC) Resource Library collection and made available to CTCP funded projects through ROVER.
  • Your materials will be considered for statewide distribution through the TECC catalog

There are 5 steps to submitting your tobacco education materials

  1. Gather Your Submission Materials and Documents
  2. Fill Out the Field Test Evaluation Form
  3. Assemble Your Materials Review Packet
  4. Mail Your Materials Review Packet
  5. What Happens Next: Materials Review Process

Submit Materials

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