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What Can TEAM Lab Do For You?


Based on our 2012 Needs Assessment conducted in March 2012, TEAM Lab realized that there are still some projects not fully aware of services provided by the Tobacco Education and Materials Lab (TEAM Lab). The CTCP has been funding TEAM Lab since 2009 in an effort to help agencies produce high quality educational materials. Take a look at the information below; we hope this article will acquaint you better with TEAM Lab.

First, answer these questions (don't worry, it's not a real test!):

  • Need help tailoring educational materials for specific audiences?
  • Thinking of developing materials for an advocacy campaign?
  • Need to have your newly developed materials reviewed?
  • Considering taking part in training for material development?
  • Need to give your toolkit or how-to-guide some color and spice?

Did you answer YES to any of these questions? If so, contact TEAM Lab!

TEAM Lab assists CTCP-funded programs in creating tobacco educational materials that are high quality and reach key audiences. Projects are encouraged to seek assistance from TEAM Lab when creating materials—we aim to make the material development process easier for you! Part of TEAM Lab's role also includes the facilitation of a review of new materials developed by CTCP-funded programs. Our Materials Review Committee (MRC) is composed of a group of tobacco control experts that offer suggestions on how to improve materials in order to best reach the target population.

We, TEAM Lab, are available by phone, email, and our website. In addition, we also host webinars to train and discuss anything from health literacy to font types. Don't wait any longer! Help is here!

We also want to note that sometimes TEAM Lab is confused with TECC, the Tobacco Education Clearing House of California. TECC is also funded by CTCP. TECC produces a sales catalog with more than 500 tobacco education and advocacy materials. These materials are available to the public in general. They print, sell, warehouse, and distribute materials in the TECC catalog. TECC also manages a library called Rover with over 27,000 resources; they can also provide research and reference assistance. Call Rover at (916) 449-5474 if you're looking for any tobacco-related information you're having a hard time finding, they may be able to help!

We hope this information is helpful and that you think about TEAM Lab when creating new tobacco materials. TEAM Lab looks forward to seeing your educational and advocacy materials, so send them our way.

In case you're asking yourself "Why should I submit materials to TEAM Lab?" here's a short list:

  • Scope of work requires submission of educational or advocacy materials to TEAM Lab, if an OTIS Material Intake Form was completed for a material.
  • The materials will be included for distribution in the TECC Resource Library and made available to CTCP funded projects through ROVER.
  • The materials will be considered for statewide distribution in the TECC catalog.

Remember, if you were required to fill out an OTIS MATERIAL INTAKE FORM,
Send TEAM Lab your tobacco educational or advocacy material.

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Introduction to the Road Steps Worksheet Tool


So your agency wants to create an educational material that will help with your campaign, however you don't know where to start. Not to worry, you have TEAM Lab to guide you through this process. Check out "A Roadmap for Developing Effective Tobacco Education Materials" in the Learn How Section of our website. This page will guide you through the 10 Roadmap Steps to develop and produce your tobacco education material from start to finish. To assist you, we have also created a Roadmap Steps Worksheet.

The Roadmap Steps Worksheet is a two-page worksheet summarizing the Roadmap Steps already detailed on TEAM Lab's website. It is a tool to briefly guide you through the steps involved in developing effective and culturally tailored health education materials for your intended audience. In it, you will find help identifying your target audience, determining your message, determining the proper appearance and layout, as well as other important steps involved in creating your materials. Additionally, you can use this worksheet to complement the information already detailed on the website. To assist in your understanding of how to use the worksheet, we have also included an example of how we filled out this worksheet to develop a culturally tailored material. For more information on each of the steps, please visit the TEAM Lab Learn How section.

Roadmap Steps Worksheet (PDF)

Roadmap Steps Worksheet EXAMPLE (PDF)

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Material Development Tip #7: Creating Your Message

Creating materials that are clear and appropriate for your intended audience are important. This section gives tips for deciding what to say to your audience and how to say it. You can use these tips to develop the content of your message. Additionally, it can be used to further complement Step 4B of our Roadmap Steps Worksheet for creating a message.

  1. Give the most important information first.
    Explain to the audience why it is important to them and tell them what actions to take.
  2. Limit the number of messages.
    Give your audience no more than 3-4 main ideas per document or section of your document. Focus on what your audience needs to know and do. Stick to one message at a time and avoid lengthy lists.
  3. Tell audiences what they need to do.
    Clearly state the actions you want your audience to take. Tell the audience what they should do rather than what they should not do.
  4. Tell your audience what they will gain from understanding and using the material.
    Tell them how the materials will benefit them.

  5. Choose your words carefully.
    Use words with 1-2 syllables when you can. Keep sentences between 8-10 words and limit paragraphs to 3-5 sentences. Respect and value your audience. Do not talk down or preach your message. Limit the use of jargon, technical, or scientific language. Choose words with single definitions or connotations and be consistent with word use.

Reference: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "Simple Put: A guide for creating easy-to-understand materials." 2009.

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Online TECC Catalog Has 5 New Materials

The online TECC Catalog has released five new materials that TEAM Lab worked on and developed with the help of TEAM Lab All Stars. See below for more details.

New Materials in TECC Catalog

Share Walls, Not Smoke!
This fact card raises awareness of the dangers of secondhand smoke drifting between housing units and its harmful effects on neighbors.

Play, Live, Be...Tobacco Free!
Twelve signs are available to raise awareness about tobacco-free environments and activities. They are customizable with your state and local quitline numbers and other information.

Ask, Advise, Refer (Fact Card)
This fact card reminds healthcare providers to ask their patients about smoking, advising them to quit, and referring them to free cessation services. It also encourages respect for the traditional use of tobacco in the American Indian Community. It includes the California Smokers’ Helpline information and the national quitline number. A poster version is also available.

Healthy Family Pastimes
This culturally tailored brochure for the Asian/Pacific Islander community encourages families to be smoke-free. It provides health information, ways to protect your family from secondhand smoke, and strategies to quit smoking.

Keep Your Family Healthy
This fact card encourages American Indian families to keep tobacco use sacred by respecting native traditions. It explains the dangers of inhaling secondhand smoke and the effects on children who see their elders smoke. It also emphasizes the benefits of being smoke-free and provides methods to create a smoke-free home.

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Calling All Tobacco Education Materials

Did you create tobacco education materials for your project? Have you submitted them to TEAM Lab to be considered for inclusion in the TECC catalog? If you haven't, please send us your material so it can be reviewed for statewide distribution and also become part of the TECC Resource Library.

Please visit the Send Us section of our website for more information regarding the material submission process. Need Help Developing an Education Material?

If you are still in the process of developing tobacco educational materials, don't forget TEAM Lab can help. We can team with you to brainstorm ideas, reduce the literacy level, increase the readability of your material, and also provide general feedback/suggestions on any material. If you need help or have questions, please contact us at teamlab@usc.edu or call us at: (323) 442-8214.

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