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Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati
Message from the Director

It is with great pleasure that I extend a warm holiday greeting from everyone here at TEAM Lab! I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you in the field for a terrific 2011. All of us here at TEAM Lab acknowledge our accomplishments would not have been possible without the efforts and support you, our partners in the field, have provided. You have contributed outstanding materials, read our partners posts, filled out our surveys, reviewed educational materials, requested technical assistance and participated in our training webinars. The following are highlights of some of our accomplishments this year.

We are so proud of our ALL STARS. This year a total of 41 agencies submitted their completed materials to TEAM Lab. Consequently, 17 of those materials have been included for national dissemination in the TECC catalog. For instance, Sutter County Tobacco Control Program submitted a piece dealing with smoke free outdoor areas. This has become a popular item in the TECC catalog. Glenn County Health Services submitted a piece dealing with secondhand smoke multi-unit housing which also has been well received by TECC catalog users. The Fooled fact card, developed by Shasta County, has recently been released in the TECC catalog. We anticipate that this material will be a strong seller. The innovation and creativity we have seen in materials submitted has been truly outstanding. We also want to point out that some excellent materials have been submitted that did not make it into TECC for national distribution. It is important to note that these and ALL materials that we receive are catalogued in the ROVER library and made available to all CTCP agencies as a resource and guide for further materials development. In addition these materials are often of great use to particular projects locally. We thank you all for your efforts that are important to the tobacco control movement. The materials you submit contribute to the body of knowledge, best practices and tools that are necessary to continue to reduce the human and economic toll taken by tobacco.

Needs Assessment
We would also like to thank all of our partners in the field that completed our needs assessment. This year, 111 surveys were completed. Your feedback gave us valuable information on the topics of material needed, as well as the audiences they are needed for, how we could help you with your materials development, the types of trainings you need such as, materials for multiunit housing, materials development for emergent technology, etc. Your recommendations helped TEAM Lab set our priorities on the types of materials that need to be developed/revised and also helped guide the types of trainings that would benefit CTCP-funded agencies. So thank you so much for helping us to navigate our efforts to be most helpful to your needs. We really appreciate the time and effort it takes to complete the assessment. We are truly grateful for your feedback.

Training Webinars
This year we have conducted eight training webinars and five training webisodes. These have hosted 522 participants! We have been responsive to your topics of interest requested via our needs assessment. The webinar topics have included: use of photovoice, adaptations for health literacy, field testing, conducting focus groups, cultural considerations, and social media for novices and for advanced users. In particular, we want to thank Amelia Silbert-Geiger from CYAN, and Michael Villaire from the Institute for Healthcare Advancement for their collaboration with our webinars on social media and health literacy.

Technical Assistance
In 2011, TEAM Lab handled 120 technical assistance efforts. We continue to offer our help to those agencies who have yet to submit their completed materials and also to those agencies that are currently working on educational materials and may need our assistance. We continue to advertise our services on Prop 99 calls, our blog, website, during our webinars, when we attend coalition meetings etc. If you have upcoming meetings of your coalitions or other and would like for us to attend and talk about how TEAM Lab can be of service, do not hesitate to contact us.

In Gratitude
Also, we want to take this opportunity to thank our Materials Review Committee, the members of our African American toolkit committee, and the Hispanic/Latino Casino toolkit committee for their outstanding work this year. These committees have reviewed twenty-two pieces of materials submitted, provided extensive feedback on a variety of areas, and made important contributions to the development of materials appropriate for national level distribution via the TECC catalogue. They have also identified the focus and content of our upcoming tool kits. We are very grateful to them for their contributions (a list of members is provided below). We would also like to thank all the various staff at CTCP for their continued support of the work we do.

In the coming year, 2012 you can expect to see our annual needs assessment again, so we can keep ourselves up to date with the changing needs in the field. We are excited as we look towards 2012 filled with new ideas and perspectives including webinars and tutorials on digital storytelling, analyzing Photovoice data, developing materials with a cost-effective approach, submitting materials to TEAM Lab, and a website open house to introduce you to the improvements we have made to the website to better serve you. Following all trainings we will also appreciate you completing our satisfaction surveys as our goal is to continue meeting any changing needs to your satisfaction. TEAM Lab is here to support you in your work on materials development and we want to make our services as responsive as possible to your needs.

On behalf of the entire team we send you our, best wishes for a happy holiday and may 2012 bring great joy to your lives and your work. THANK YOU!

Material Review Committee Members
Christopher Anderson
Kimberly Bankston-Lee
DeAnne Blankenship
Narinder Dhaliwal
Pat Etem (Chair)
Marlene Gomez
Colleen Haydon
Evi Hernandez
Viki Ornelas

TOOL KITS Committee Members
Carol McGruder
Julie Waters
Audrey Smith
Pat Etem
Steven Henderson
Evi Hernandez
Narinder Dhaliwal
Char Day
Claradina Soto

TEAM Lab Staff
Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati
Darrah Goo Kuratani
Yaneth Rodriguez
Christine Ricohermoso
Rosa Barahona
Crystal Kynard-Amerson
Chantel Ponder

Eugenio Garcia

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Happy Holidays from TEAM Lab
Wishing you a great holiday season and a happy new year!
We look forward to working with you in 2012.

From all of us here at TEAM Lab,
TEAM Lab (Lourdes, Tess, Carol, Jennifer, Darrah, Crystal, Chantel, Rosa, Yaneth, and Christine)

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Website Spotlight: Best Practices for Testing Materials Webisode Series

Pretesting materials during the development process is an essential step when striving to make effective tobacco education materials. Pretesting will identify whether the material you are creating is doing what you intend for it to do with the target audience. Pretesting materials will not only help develop a clear message, but it can also be useful in receiving feedback on the look and feel of the material. So we know it's important, but the question is how to go about pretesting materials?

TEAM Lab has created a webisode series that gives direction on the best practices for testing materials. What's great about the webisode series is that you don't need to watch them all at once or in any specific order, unless you want to. You can also watch the videos on your smart phone. There are 5 webisodes, each about 10-20 minutes in length, and the topics include:

  1. Setting up Pretests — an overview of strategies for pre-testing, pilot testing and field testing materials, and ways to involve appropriate test audiences;
  2. Readability Testing & Suitability Assessment of Materials — strategies for testing reading level and suitability of materials for your target audience;
  3. Focus Groups — how to set up and run a focus group for pretesting materials;
  4. Intercept and Individual Interviews — how to set up and run intercept and individual interviews for pretesting materials; and
  5. Case Example — what to do with pretest results using a sample tobacco education print item.

TEAM lab also hosted a live Question & Answer Pretesting webinar that was recorded and is archived for your viewing on the "Get Trained" section of our website.

To obtain more information or to view any of the webisodes on our website, please visit our webisode page. Remember, if you have any questions about pretesting materials, you are more than welcome to email or call us directly.

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Materials Development Tip #4: Free Novelty Fonts
During our recent Health Literacy Webinar, which was recently recorded, Michael Villaire discussed how font choices should be simple and novelty fonts should be avoided. However, we just wanted to share with you that font choices or typography is an easy way to add more visual appeal if photographs and other imagery are lacking.

Typography in design is a necessity and the choice of font says a lot. Elegant, classic, futuristic, retro, dynamic, gritty, edgy,… your typeface selection can set the tone of the design and communicate so much.

First, there are Headline/Display fonts which are used at larger sizes, usually 18-point or larger and there is more freedom for decorative styles (just don't go overboard).

Secondly, there are Body Text fonts that are legible and easy to read at 14-point or less, these should be more of a classical/basic text font that is comfortable to read extensively.

Here is an example of good and bad font usage:
Here are a list of free font sites (for Mac OS and Windows) that can help with your design:

Smashing Magazine has a great list of info for typography—dos and don'ts, etiquette, font selection, tricks, etc.

Happy font searching!

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Download our NEW 2012 Yearly TRL Calendar Template

Based on our 2011 Needs Assessment, 43% of respondents indicated a need for Tobacco Retail License (TRL) materials and even specifically requested calendars that were in different languages.

We have created 2012 Yearly TRL Calendar templates just for you! There are two versions: vertical and horizontal layout.

You can tailor these calendars to fit the needs of your project. You can change the colors, fonts, language, and imagery.

Download the Horizontal Calendar Publisher Template or Vertical Calendar Publisher Template files. When you download the file, it will look like this:

Here are examples of how the template may look like after you add imagery:

If you are unsure of how to use these templates or how insert an image, please watch our "How-to" video here.

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Want to Submit Your Tobacco Education Material?

Calling All Tobacco Education Materials
Did you create tobacco education materials for your project? Have you submitted them to TEAM Lab to be considered for inclusion in the TECC catalog? If you haven't please send us your material so it can be reviewed for statewide distribution and also become part of the TECC Resource Library.

Please visit the Send Us section of our website for more information regarding the material submission process. Need Help Developing an Education Material?

If you are still in the process of developing tobacco educational materials, don't forget TEAM Lab is here to help you. We can help you brainstorm, improve the literacy level, increase the readability of your material, and also provide feedback/suggestions on any material. If you need help or have questions, please contact us at teamlab@usc.edu or call us at: (323) 442-8214.

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