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TEAM Lab Materials Portfolio

TEAM Lab has created a range of tobacco education materials tailored to reach key target audiences. These materials have been compiled into a TEAM Lab Materials Portfolio that can be downloaded. To explore some of the materials that we can produced, you can download the portfolio here:

TEAM Lab Materials Portfolio

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Healthy Stores For A Healthy Community

TEAM Lab created 14 campaign materials to help with the statewide Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community (HSHC) campaign, which have been made available to state-funded tobacco control agencies involved in the campaign to disseminate among their local communities. All of these materials were field tested with diverse populations in California and have been reviewed by tobacco control experts.

These materials include:
     - HSHC Outreach Fact Sheet
     - HSHC Youth Engagement Tip Sheet
     - HSHC Developing Partnerships Tip Sheet
     - HSHC General Population Brochure (English)
     - HSHC General Population Brochure (Spanish)
     - HSHC General Poster (English)
     - HSHC General Poster (Spanish)
     - HSHC Alcohol Poster (English)
     - HSHC Alcohol Poster (Spanish)
     - HSHC Nutrition Poster (English)
     - HSHC Nutrition Poster (Spanish)
     - HSHC Tobacco Poster (English)
     - HSHC Tobacco Poster (Spanish)
     - Electronic Cigarette Fact Card

You can view these materials through the CTCP Partners Retail Page ( and the Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community website (

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No Smoking E-Cigarettes Sign

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Are you looking for a “No Smoking” sign that addresses e-cigarettes and other electronic smoking devices? TEAM Lab’s new “No Smoking” sign does just that!

From Los Angeles to New York, the nation’s largest cities are taking action to restrict e-cigarette use in locations where smoking is already prohibited. Download and display TEAM Lab’s “No Smoking” sign and help protect the public from exposure to secondhand e-cigarette emissions.

The “No Smoking” sign will print on 8.5” x 11” paper and is available in both JPEG and PDF formats. You may also download the sign as a PNG with a transparent background, which is suitable for printing window decals, t-shirts, or other items. Please note that if you intend to transfer the sign onto a decal or t-shirt, you might have to reverse the image. We have also provided a reversed PNG for your convenience.

Downloadable Files:
To download the file, place your cursor over the link and right click. A menu will open. Select "Save link as" and you will be able to download and save the file.

No Smoking E-Cigarettes Sign JPEG
No Smoking E-Cigarettes Sign PDF
No Smoking E-Cigarettes Sign PNG
No Smoking E-Cigarettes Sign PNG (Reversed)