Results from Social Media Assessment

A Pre-training assessment about social media was administered to ascertain what the field was interested in learning about Social media, the level of knowledge, intent-to-use, and any benefits and challenges using social media. This helped TEAM Lab & CYAN prepare for the webinar.

A total of 56 people responded to The Social Media Pre-Training Assessment.
Here are some highlights you may be interested in learning:

  • 52% of respondents currently use Social Media in their work or project

  • The most common Social Media tools used among respondents include:

    • 70% FB Profile page

    • 50% YouTube

    • 34% FB Fan Page

    • 25% Twitter

    • 25% Blog

    Social Media Tools.png
  • 63% of respondents said they probably will or definitely will use Social Media for their Project/agency to disseminate tobacco education messages

  • Plan to use social media.png
  • The most common reasons respondents would like to use Social Media for their program or project are to inform, outreach/network, and to promote program
  • The three most common challenges when using Social media included recruiting people/agencies to “like” a FB fan page, evaluating the impact that Social media has with the audience you are trying to reach, and worksite restrictions to using Social media.

Thank you to everyone that participated in this Social Media Pre-Training Assessment! We are hoping to do another Social Media webinar in response to the feedback we got from our first training. Look out for it!

Evaluation Reports