Introduction to the Road Steps Worksheet Tool

Posted on December 10, 2012

em_LongJourney.jpgSo your agency wants to create an educational material that will help with your campaign, however you don't know where to start. Not to worry, you have TEAM Lab to guide you through this process. Check out "A Roadmap for Developing Effective Tobacco Education Materials" in the Learn How Section of our website. This page will guide you through the 10 Roadmap Steps to develop and produce your tobacco education material from start to finish. To assist you, we have also created a Roadmap Steps Worksheet.

The Roadmap Steps Worksheet is a two-page worksheet summarizing the Roadmap Steps already detailed on TEAM Lab's website. It is a tool to briefly guide you through the steps involved in developing effective and culturally tailored health education materials for your intended audience. In it, you will find help identifying your target audience, determining your message, determining the proper appearance and layout, as well as other important steps involved in creating your materials. Additionally, you can use this worksheet to complement the information already detailed on the website. To assist in your understanding of how to use the worksheet, we have also included an example of how we filled out this worksheet to develop a culturally tailored material. For more information on each of the steps, please visit the TEAM Lab Learn How section.

Roadmap Steps Worksheet (PDF)

Roadmap Steps Worksheet EXAMPLE (PDF)

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