Webinar Recap: Digital Storytelling

Posted on June 08, 2012

Last month we talked with an audience of 55 associates about the effective and increasingly popular medium of Digital Storytelling. This highly evolved form of information sharing, packaging your message inside a first-person narrative, and spicing it up with photos, videos, and music is one of the fastest growing ways to communicate with an audience. What seemed to capture the attention of our audience was how easy the creation of these digital stories really is. After describing how it can be as simple as recording a narrative over PowerPoint slides with images, or as complex as using a professional editing program, the idea of how accessible this effective form of information sharing is set in. We also gave listeners a list of resources that describe in detail the steps required to make their own digital story, and links to numerous tutorials on the various digital editing programs available, even free web-based programs.

Humans have communicated by narrative for centuries—this is how the human brain processes and remembers information. When organizations capture the narratives of their populations through digital storytelling workshops, or pass along their own story, they can engage in a highly memorable and tangible discussion. In a sense, organizations can create these stories as a road map for others, instead of directly stating facts or figures, they humanize their messages through the ancient art of storytelling. As we continue to adapt to an increasingly digital world, storytelling has gained new elements such as music, visual presentation, and broad publishing potential. Digital storytelling capitalizes on these advancements and furthers our ability to reach the populations we work with in the most effective way.

If you are interested in reading the theory behind it and the research supporting Digital Storytelling take a look at our literature review. And if you are interested in learning about how Digital Stories might work for you and your organization check out the full webinar.

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