Call for MRC Members

Posted on June 08, 2012

TEAM Lab is seeking individuals (with experience working with Asian American, Pacific Islander or Native American/American Indian communities in tobacco control) to apply to become a member of the Materials Review Committee. This committee will review newly developed tobacco education materials from tobacco control projects throughout the State of California. We will ask you to make recommendations and suggestions about which tobacco education materials should be made available for widespread distribution.

The following is a description of the expectations, the MRC process:

TEAM Lab's expectations of the MRC members include: 1) participating in an orientation webinar or tutorial, 2) completing a Material Review Score Card training (electronic tool used to review and score each material), 3) meeting 2-3 times annually, either in-person or via webinar, to discuss and vote on the materials that are being considered for inclusion in the TECC catalog, and 4) reviewing materials and providing your valuable tobacco expertise.

Here is a quick overview of the MRC process:

  1. TEAM Lab either receives a material from the field or develops a material

  2. Materials are tested with their respective target audiences

  3. The MRC committee is given 2-3 weeks to review the material using an electronic score card.

  4. Then, at the MRC review meeting, TEAM Lab facilitates a 2-5 hour discussion (depending on how many materials are being reviewed), which includes a presentation on: a) old/new materials, b) field testing results, c) tabulated MRC scores.
    Then discussion and a vote on whether or not to recommend for inclusion in the TECC catalog.

  5. From this point, the materials are developed based on MRC recommendations and field tested.

  6. The materials are presented to CTCP for final review and inclusion in the TECC catalog.

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