Website Spotlight: Best Practices for Testing Materials Webisode Series

Posted on December 12, 2011

Pretesting materials during the development process is an essential step when striving to make effective tobacco education materials. Pretesting will identify whether the material you are creating is doing what you intend for it to do with the target audience. Pretesting materials will not only help develop a clear message, but it can also be useful in receiving feedback on the look and feel of the material. So we know it’s important, but the question is how to go about pretesting materials?

TEAM Lab has created a webisode series that gives direction on the best practices for testing materials. What’s great about the webisode series is that you don’t need to watch them all at once or in any specific order, unless you want to. You can also watch the videos on your smart phone. There are 5 webisodes, each about 10-20 minutes in length, and the topics include:

  1. Setting up Pretests - an overview of strategies for pre-testing, pilot testing and field testing materials, and ways to involve appropriate test audiences;

  2. Readability Testing & Suitability Assessment of Materials - strategies for testing reading level and suitability of materials for your target audience;

  3. Focus Groups - how to set up and run a focus group for pretesting materials;

  4. Intercept and Individual Interviews - how to set up and run intercept and individual interviews for pretesting materials; and

  5. Case Example - what to do with pretest results using a sample tobacco education print item.

TEAM lab also hosted a live Question & Answer Pretesting webinar that was recorded and is archived for your viewing on the “Get Trained” section of our website.

To obtain more information or to view any of the webisodes on our website, please visit our webisode page. Remember, if you have any questions about pretesting materials, you are more than welcome to email or call us directly.

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