The Results are in! Read the TEAM Lab’s 2011 Needs Assessment Executive Summary and Summary of Material Needs

Posted on September 06, 2011

TEAM Lab is grateful for everyone that completed TEAM Lab’s 2011 Needs Assessment in spring, 2011. The findings will help TEAM Lab set priorities on the types of trainings and technical assistance services that CTCP-funded projects will benefit from for the development of tobacco education materials. We also hope you and your agency benefit from the information in your program planning. The data provides guidance on the material needs of the field, planning and development, and readiness and capacity to utilize emerging technologies. Please read the TEAM Lab 2011 Needs Assessment Report--Executive Summary, which provides a brief summary of the findings.

We have also included a TEAM Lab Summary of Material Needs 20111, which focuses only on the tobacco education material needs, material development plans, and the material development skills building needs of CTCP-funded projects based on the 2011 Needs Assessment findings.

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