Must watch tutorial “How to create Slides that Don’t Suck”

Posted on August 03, 2011

On Tuesday, I came across a really informative and short 35 minute webinar called “How to Create Slides that Don’t Suck” by Sonic Foundry. I was really lucky to come across it and I highly recommend it.

If you create PowerPoint slides for trainings or presentations to deliver your tobacco control messages, you should watch the on-demand webinar. You will walk away with so many great tips. These tips will help you create slides that are engaging and make your presentation pop! They provide “ready-to-steal” ideas, easy tech tips to enhance the visuals and delivery of the message, and a list of resources that includes other great slides and slide makers.

The list of resources is really useful and will definitely help make your slides more interesting and engaging to your audience! For example, the webinar provides information on how to access images to include in your slides that you might also be able to use for other tobacco education materials you are developing. Just look for the paper clip looking icon once you are on the webinar (view image below) and you will have access to this great information.

Luckily, this webinar is available on-demand on their website. It will be open access for 1 month, and will still be available after that time frame if you register (registration is free). Let me tell you, if you come across this blog after the 1 month open access, registering is totally worth it!

Check it out and share it!

“How to create Slides that Don’t Suck”

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