Special Thanks to the Materials Review Committee

Posted on May 12, 2011

TEAM Lab would like to thank the Materials Review Committee for all their efforts. Reviewing the tobacco education materials is time and effort intensive. We truly appreciate their dedication to the fight against tobacco!

TEAM Lab's Materials Review Committee is composed of representatives of both California Tobacco Control Program-funded (CTCP) programs and non-CTCP-funded programs with expertise in tobacco control. All members have extensive experience in key tobacco control topic areas as well as in materials development and working with diverse populations and communities.

This past March, the MRC committee reviewed approximately 15 newly developed tobacco education materials from projects throughout California.


IMG_9293.JPG Materials Review Committee (from left to right): DeAnne Blakenship, Marlene Gomez, Christopher Anderson, Patricia Etem, Nardiner Dhaliwal, Viki Ornelas, Evi Hernandez, and Kimberly Bankston-Lee. Colleen Haydon was not present for this photograph.

For information about this committee, please visit:

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